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Major Businesses

Intelligent Mental Health Facilities

ntelligent Chronic Disease Care Place

Intelligent Mental Health Services for the Elderly

An Intelligent Platform for Physical and Mental Health Services Based on the Internet of Things

Intelligentization of Community and Family Physical and Mental Health and Care Services

Main Directions

Wei Yi Kang Biotechnology
To Provide Precision and Customized Intelligent Solutions and Products for the Health Industry

"Three Centers"

Operation Center

With the digital model of Ying-ling community mental health: integrating industry experts and institutional resources, creating a diversified online and offline, practical and systematic physical and mental cooperation service system, providing diversified market development models and industry cooperation plans, and supporting high-quality operation resources support.

R&d Center

With large software and single-chip microcomputer design capabilities: to provide technical support and scientific research transformation, joint well-known experts, institutions, etc., to establish a platform, modular, sharing physical and mental health product research and development mechanism.

Production Center

With Class II medical device production standard workshop: standardized, customized, multi-brand management mechanism, to achieve scale production.


WeiYiKang is a physical and mental health service company with intelligent physical and mental health products and shared public welfare. In the future, we will continue to forge ahead in the "cloud era of physical and mental health". Warmly welcome high-quality partners of all industries to join and cooperate, win-win development, and jointly create a new era of physical and mental health!

Sharing Health Monitoring Data Enables Enterprises to Enter the Era of Shared Public Welfare
Sharing Public Welfare Data Will Continue to Input Big Data into the Health Industry
Create an Industrial Alliance of Intelligent Supply and Marketing Chain and Physical and Mental Health
Sharing Alliances Make Kingmaker a Solid Partner for Business Owners

Creating a New Era of Physical and Mental Health

Widespread Penetration and Effective Sharing Are the Cornerstone of Social Movement of Physical and Mental Health

Social Value

Profit for All | Sharing for the Good | Building Together

To jointly build the goal of Weiyikang intelligent health prevention project: Through the effective supply link of smart products, the business integration between enterprises related to physical and mental health and the value integration between enterprises and society can be achieved. The cash flow generated by the supply of wearable smart health devices is continuously injected into physical and mental health services and public welfare social activities of sharing health data.

WeiYi Kang future value:In the future, Wei-Yikang will become the sharing valve for the physical and mental health industry to realize the real social value, and the funds will be supported in the intelligent health innovation, social physical and mental health public welfare, humanistic care and other value contributions with social significance.

About Us

Weikang provides high-quality digital solutions for physical and mental health, and realizes one-stop quality services for physical rehabilitation and psychological adjustment in the life system. With an efficient and independent software and hardware research and development team, consultant support in the field of physical and mental health and close digital integration partners, we innovate products for technological innovation in medical rehabilitation, psychological counseling, community services, mental education and other fields. In addition, Wei-Yi-Kang provides sales and technical support for all kinds of top physical and mental health lifestyle products, and its molecular companies cover health community, e-commerce, cultural media and other main businesses.

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1. Strategic Planning of WeiYiKang

Phase I: 2016-2020 (Five-Year Plan)

Complete the hardware and software platform, position the company's development direction, form a stable product line and channels, have a certain reputation in the market, and stand firm in the psychological market.

Phase II: 2021-2025 (Five-Year Plan)

Enter the field of medical intelligence, body and mind intelligent integrated positioning, complete the listed product series, stable channels, create the physical and mental medical market.

Phase III:2026-2035 (Ten-year plan)

To build a group company integrating psychology, medical treatment, sports and education, facing the international expansion of professional fields, leading the promotion of physical and mental health movement worldwide.

2, WeiYiKang Development Measures

With psychological intelligent system as a breakthrough, development opportunities, according to the national policy and guidance, to become the best quality equipment provider.

Develop intelligent and IOT professional medical equipment, master the core frontier technology, and seek cooperation in the medical market.

Deepen intelligent technology innovation, fine individual psychological and physical data acquisition software and hardware integration scheme.

Accumulate the technical parameters of intelligent psychological equipment and intelligent medical equipment, tamp the product connotation, and carry out timely, efficient and intelligent product update and iteration.

Strict quality control, improve the service system, form an integrated psychological and medical equipment matrix with accurate application and stable operation.

Increase the stickiness and density of business cooperation, bring new products to the market as soon as possible, meet the psychological and physical health needs of the public.

3. WeiYiKang WeiYiKang Development Field

1) Medical rehabilitation products;

2) Intelligent psychological adjustment;

3) Health digitization program, etc.

4. Core Products of WiYiKang

1) Medical rehabilitation products

It is suitable for every family and rehabilitation place, and has the function of monitoring and intervention of brain activity and psychology.

2) Intelligent psychological adjustment

It is suitable for every institution involved in psychological counseling and psychological adjustment needs of special industry, and has multi-directional monitoring of vital signs psychological catharsis rehabilitation equipment.

3) Health digital platform

It is a data center platform applicable to community centers and disease rehabilitation workstations, processing health data within the jurisdiction and carrying out early warning, pre-diagnosis and preventive intervention.

5. Target Mainly Associated Organizations or Enterprises

Social organization: local chamber of commerce, industry association, propaganda function unit, pension health association, community health service unit.

Enterprise organization: psychological equipment supplier, private medical system, health management company, physical examination center, health care system.

6. Strategic Transformation to Serve Health

The degree of aging population is becoming more and more deepening in our country, and the social health has always been a universal attention spot. In view of the current situation of aging population, global warming and environmental pollution, our company adjust the direction of business in time to explore the comprehensive great health services such as mental and physical health intelligent equipment, smart pension products.

In 2019, he entered the field of medical rehabilitation services through strategic transformation. He participated in the research and development of intelligent monitoring projects for medical and psychological rehabilitation. Through physical and mental data and behavior recognition technology and algorithm innovation, he developed and produced intelligent health application equipment with physical and mental rehabilitation as the main product line. And committed to the independent research and development, production and sales of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease physical therapy equipment, rehabilitation equipment and health big data monitoring and other intelligent equipment.

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WiYiKang provides high-quality digital solutions for physical and mental health, and provides one-stop services for physical rehabilitation and psychological adjustment.
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