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Promoting the Concept of Prevention-First
With more professional and accurate products, we will enable daily national prevention and monitoring and prevention and rehabilitation exercise.


Powering Health for All
Actively pay attention to basic chronic diseases of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and mental health problems, and promote physical and mental health services for the whole people.

Customer demand-oriented and focus on psychological and rehabilitation related product development and application


Develop Health Demonstration Areas

Build health demonstration areas, empower the people's health, promote the construction of smart health, and improve the concept of comprehensive health.


Forming a Smart Health System

Centering on national health, enabling the digital, precise and efficient operation of health surveillance.

Our Services


Customized Health Services
Covers the full range of Weiyikang physical and mental health products and solutions, and provides customized and precise product service solutions and solutions to fully meet customer needs.


Big Health Data Management Services
Physical and mental health monitoring services of the Internet of things, physical and mental health and care services for communities and families, and physical and mental health integrated big data management services for designated populations, etc., will put the concept of prevention first into practice and reshape the new concept of national health.

Technology on the pursuit of excellence service on the pursuit of heart and soul


Protect the Public Health

Weiyikang shoulders its social responsibility, develops health services and intelligent health industry, and researches and develops various health intelligent products and equipment with health prediction, prevention and early warning as the center.


Digitalization of Physical and Mental Health

With digital programs for physical and mental health, we are committed to solving various disease diagnosis and treatment and various psychological adjustment problems, empowering rehabilitation centers, communities, and families.

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