How to Put on Psychological Protective Clothing Under Repeated Epidemic Experts Said
Release Time:2022-09-19

China News Net Shenyang, April 1 (Li Xian) "With the epidemic going back and forth, our mood is also like a roller coaster of ups and downs, do not know the next second is waiting for us to surprise or frighten, this sense of control can make people feel uncomfortable, further consume psychological tolerance. I recommend four tips on how to protect your mental health." So said Wang Xiuzhen, chief physician and professor of Shenyang Mental Health Center, at the 65th press conference on epidemic prevention and control held by the Information Office of Shenyang Municipal Government on April 1.

'When something unexpected happens, people's bodies and minds change to help them mobilize their own resources to respond positively and smooth the transition,' Ms. Wang said. Often, there are physical, emotional, behavioral, cognitive and thinking changes. Such as sleep loss, increased heart rate; Be upset, nervous; Interpersonal alienation, lazy personal life; Feeling out of control in your life, unsure of your future, etc.

Wang explained that the above phenomena are some of the reactions that everyone can have, which is the most normal reaction of people in abnormal and unconventional situations. The emergence of these responses means that your physical and mental immune systems have been activated and are working to help us cope effectively. So don't worry and reject, correctly identify it, accept it. Usually, these reactions need to exist for about 1-2 weeks, and gradually people get used to the new environment and the new state, these reactions will slowly disappear and return to normal.

For how to carry on self-regulation, help everyone put on psychological protective clothing, improve psychological immunity? Wang recommends four tips to the public.

1. Taste common and feel safe. 'People have many needs,' Ms. Wang said. 'Physiological needs are the first need of people. Only when this need is met can people survive and live better.' Tasting familiar flavors at home can quickly bring back a sense of security and evoke many wonderful moments from the past. At home with fuel, rice, oil and salt these "fireworks gas" to have an encounter, taste healthy diet, improve everyone's immunity.

2. Listen to familiar sounds to bring back the familiarity. In the process of epidemic prevention and control, people should regularly listen to and watch information from official channels to avoid information overload, Wang suggested. The second is to fix time every day to listen to beautiful music, watch favorite programs and read interesting books, because these reflex pathways have been established in the brain will consume less energy, only in this way, we can have more energy and physical strength to deal with unknown challenges.

3. Meet regular friends and reconnect. It is known that the pandemic often breaks down human interaction and alienates close and friendly relationships. She suggested that you pick up the phone, talk to the people you care about and trust, open the video and see the people you want to see face to face, let the emotion flow along the network, let your heart not lonely, not desolate.

4. Do what you normally do to restore order. 'The pandemic has changed the course of what should have been done,' Ms. Wang said. 'People have lost control and become frightened.' Restoring a sense of order in an uncertain life is an effective way for everyone to regain a sense of control. It is suggested that we should have regular rest every day, eat meals and exercise. No matter how the outside world changes, always keep your inner peace and your life will be under your control.

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