The Health Science to Moisten the Silent Place

Source:Health News
Release Time:2022-09-19

The General Offices of the CPC Central Committee and The State Council recently issued the Opinions on Further Strengthening the Popularization of Science and Technology in the New Era, which set new requirements for the popularization of science and technology in the new era. It is a programmatic document for the popularization of science and technology in the current and future periods. Popularization of science and technology is an important foundation for achieving innovative development. In the field of health, popularization of health science plays an important role in strengthening the people's concept of health, raising the level of health literacy of the whole people, and promoting the building of a healthy China.

The role of health popularization in lifelong learning system should be clarified. Whether it is a growing child or a silver-haired old person, they all need to receive health education. The Ministry of Education requires that life safety and health education be integrated into primary and secondary school curricula to enhance students' awareness of "life comes first and health comes first". Every year on the National Eye Day, National Ear Day and other medical science publicity days, medical institutions and medical personnel are duty-bound to send health knowledge to the campus according to the propaganda theme of the year. Even experienced seniors need to update their health knowledge as society continues to evolve and change, and improve their ability to identify various health "traps". In this process, families and society should cooperate closely to form a resultant force. In short, only by infiltrating health science into the daily life of people of all ages imperceptibly can we strengthen the national health concept and effectively improve people's health level.

To do a good job in popularizing health science, we need to strengthen the construction of positions. Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC), the cause of popular science has been developing vigorously and the level of public scientific literacy has been improving rapidly. However, there are also problems such as the shortage of high-quality popular science products and services and the spread of pseudo-popular science online. In the field of health science, a number of pseudoscientific and anti-scientific messages, such as "eating raw eggplant absorbs oil" and "trans-fatty acids are harmless", once confused many audiences. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the construction and supervision of public opinion on health popularization. The Ministry of Science and Technology recently announced that it will launch a number of scene bases representing the national level and involving the public deeply, so that the public can learn scientific knowledge, master scientific methods and cultivate scientific spirit in the process of participating in the experience. Nine ministries and commissions, including the National Health Commission and the Publicity Department of the CPC Central Committee, have also made it clear that they should establish and improve an all-media mechanism for releasing and disseminating popular health knowledge, increase the quality supply of popular health knowledge in the whole society, and meet the growing health needs of the people.

Health popularization is a systematic project, which should not only improve the public's internal motivation to learn health knowledge, but also create a good social atmosphere. When the whole society advocates science and health increasingly strong atmosphere, forming a pattern of jointly building a healthy China, the realization of the healthy China dream is just around the corner.

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