Four Signs of Early Coronary Heart Disease

Release Time:2022-09-07

Coronary heart disease is coronary atherosclerotic heart disease, which is a very common type of cardiovascular disease. The incidence of coronary heart disease is very high, and the harm to human health is also great. It is a relatively serious disease, and even life-threatening when it is serious. The incidence of coronary heart disease is more common in middle-aged and elderly people.

Once the occurrence of coronary heart disease, must be timely to the hospital for examination and treatment. Because the coronary arteries are the arteries that supply the heart, when something goes wrong with the coronary arteries, the heart can be affected. A variety of heart diseases can also follow, the patient will appear chest tightness, chest pain phenomenon, in serious cases can endanger life.

Early clinical manifestations of coronary heart disease

1.Chest discomfort

The heart is located on the left side of the chest, so once the heart problems, the first manifestation of the chest discomfort must be. In the early stage of coronary heart disease, some patients' symptoms are not very obvious, but some patients will have chest tightness and chest pain. The pain degree is also light and heavy, the nature of pain is mainly contract-like pain. In severe cases, radioactive pain can radiate to the sternum, the precardiac area, and the left shoulder.

2. Chest tightness

In the early stage of coronary heart disease, patients do not always have the feeling of chest tightness. Some patients appear more frequently, and some patients feel less chest tightness. Many people show more obvious when they sleep, when the sleeping pillow is relatively low, patients will have obvious chest tightness. If the pillow is set high, the chest tightness will be relieved. There are patients after sleeping or lying flat, the chest will have obvious pain, breathing is not smooth feeling. But these feelings are relieved when you stand up.

3. Pain in other areas

People with coronary heart disease also have pain in other parts of the body. Some patients will have leg pain, tooth pain, and head pain during or after exercise. These symptoms are also affected by coronary heart disease and are sometimes caused by radioactive chest pain.

4. affect the heartbeat

In addition to causing pain and chest tightness, coronary heart disease can also affect the heartbeat. The patient's heartbeat may not be greatly affected in the early stage of the disease, but when the disease progresses to a certain extent, it will repeatedly appear irregular heartbeat phenomenon. Some patients have a fast or slow heart rate without any influence.

The above are the most common manifestations of coronary heart disease, once the occurrence of one of the above or several symptoms, should be timely to the hospital. Because this disease risk is relatively large, if not timely treatment, it may endanger life.

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