War "Epidemic" | We Through the China Red Cross Foundation to the Outbreak of Hainan

Release Time:2022-10-24


On September 3, 400,000 disposable medical masks donated by our company Kunshan Shenling Precision Metal Industry Co., Ltd. to the Red Cross Foundation of China arrived in Danzhou, Hainan Province. These supplies will be distributed to volunteers and local people in Danzhou to help the prevention and control of the epidemic in Hainan.

The sudden outbreak in Sanya has disrupted the quiet that Hainan should have had and disrupted the lives of about 80,000 tourists.

According to Beijing News, a confirmed case of COVID-19 was reported in Sanya City on August 1. In just 10 days, more than 3,000 infected people have been found in the city, and the virus has spread and spillover within the province. Around 80,000 tourists have been stranded in Sanya since 6 am on August 6, when the city announced a temporary all-area static management.

Although tourists in many cities have returned to their original places as the epidemic situation has eased, the summer vacation vacation in Sanya, a tourist city with a population of one million, has been greatly reduced due to the haze of the epidemic, and the outbreak has also made Sanya, a tourist city with a population of one million, hit the pause button. The outbreak started in Sanya and has spread across the island, with 13 cities and counties, including Danzhou, Haikou and Lingshui, reporting infections, the Beijing News reported on August 22. In addition, the current outbreak has spread outside the province.

Now, the epidemic is gradually falling across Hainan, but there are still many areas have not lifted the high risk signal. Our company continues to pay close attention to the outbreak in Hainan, especially in Danzhou City, which has the second highest severity. The outbreak started in Sanya, but the subsequent spread of the virus has made the situation in Hainan more serious. Nowadays, there are 16 towns in Danzhou, with 27 high risk areas, 29 medium risk areas and 1 low risk area.



In the name of Shenling Precision Metal Industry Co., LTD., we will donate 400,000 disposable masks to Danzhou City through the Chinese Red Cross Foundation to protect the health care workers, grassroots cadres and local people. Weiyikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Shenling Precision Metal Industry Co., LTD. When the epidemic is at the forefront, Weiyikang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. will stand together with the people and fight shoulder to shoulder, in order to bring warmth and strength to this war without smoke of war "epidemic". Our company will work together with you to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

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