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Release Time:2022-09-09

The aging society is coming!

Statistics from the seventh National census show that the proportion of people aged 60 and above reached 18.70%, with those aged 65 and above accounting for 13.50%. According to the standard of population aging commonly used by the United Nations, a country or region has entered the aging society when the population over 60 years old accounts for 10% of the total population or the population aged 65 years old accounts for 7% of the total population.

According to this standard, our country entered an aging society in 1999. The fifth census data showed that the proportion of the elderly population accounted for 11.6% of the total population. The World Health Organization further subdivides the aging society into "aging society", "aging society" and "super-aging society", with 7%, 14% and 20% of the population over 65 years old respectively.

This shows that China is already very close to the aging society, and some scholars predict that China will enter the aging society in 2022. In the face of the coming old age society, the pension problem is increasingly prominent.

Yiling Community - A new model for the aged

The community is working to change the public's perception of old age.


Function map of Yiling Community

Intelligent physical and mental rehabilitation equipment is an important part of Yiling community, Viykang not only provides pre-adaptation and other vascular strengthening passive training equipment, but also provides EEG monitoring psychological equipment, and sleep monitoring, and will carry out more extensive and cutting-edge intelligent physical and mental rehabilitation equipment research and development, in the intelligent operation interface strive to be simple and direct, so that professional medical equipment can be accepted by the popular. Lower the barriers to use.

Full intelligence of physical and mental health program: pre-adaptation therapy, EEG and psychological adjustment, digital tracking into the healthy community Yiling Community initiated the active and passive combination of physical and mental health training program, for the first time to realize the ease and convenience of health training, to create an intelligent rehabilitation environment for the middle-aged and elderly with learning instead of treatment, training instead of maintenance, passive instead of active.

Middle-aged and elderly people often conduct community activities through physical exercise and recreational activities in ordinary communities, which cannot solve more targeted disease prevention and rehabilitation. Yiling community uses "pre-adaptive treatment program equipment" to enable them to passively receive training and treatment easily, directly solve the prevention and rehabilitation of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and uses EEG to monitor and adjust psychological and emotional problems. "Intelligent psychological adjustment" to solve various psychological problems.

The significance of the whole series of intelligentization of Yiling community also lies in that it can record the changing state of various important dynamic physiological and psychological indicators anytime and anywhere. Under the long-term digital tracking and monitoring, it can reduce the occurrence probability of high-risk emergency disease events to the lowest, especially the major crisis events caused by psychological factors.


A rendering of Yiling Community

Yiling Community is also equipped with a sleep health monitoring site. With a simple normal rest, such as a nap, important physiological indicators such as breathing and heart, which are difficult to detect at ordinary times, can be monitored, providing a more comprehensive digital basis for health protection.

The Yiling community also organizes scientific health-themed learning and provides health content services such as mindfulness meditation and health track. The birth of Yiling community has made a qualitative change in the healthy community. For the first time, the prevention and treatment of potential diseases desired by middle-aged and elderly people are regarded as the main content of community activities, and the natural rehabilitation training is realized, and the psychological suggestion of "recovery when you come" is realized.

Social pension will face challenges

1. Insufficient medical resources. Aging has greatly increased the incidence and types of chronic diseases. Chronic diseases are divided into four main categories: cardiovascular disease, cancer, respiratory disease and diabetes. According to an article in the Overseas edition of People's Daily (2016), China has about 300 million chronic disease patients, half of whom are over 65 years old. With the coming of the aging society, the number of chronic disease patients will increase, which will bring certain challenges to the medical system.

2. The recognition of traditional pension model is reduced. With the acceleration of the aging process of the population, old-age care has gradually become a major topic of concern. Family support, institution support and community support are three basic traditional support modes in our country at present. Family pension is the traditional mode of pension; Institutional pension is a socialized pension model; Community endowment is a kind of endowment mode that takes into account both family and society.

3, family pension contradictions. A 78-year-old man was found hanged in a green belt between residential blocks after his son was called "unfilial" and pelted with eggs as he carried the body. As for the residents' claims, a reporter interviewed the son of the old man, he said that he never abused the old man, but did not let the old man eat meat and eggs, because the old man is sick can not eat. In the future, a family will have to support four or more elderly people, and family pension will face more contradictions and challenges.

4. Institutional pension is overwhelmed. Due to the improvement of medical technical services, the life expectancy of the elderly is generally increased, and most pension institutions are faced with the phenomenon of being unable to go out. Seriously affected by the epidemic, the institutions are faced with the complicated situation of increasing operating costs and unable to reduce human costs. These problems make the survival of pension institutions face great challenges. In recent years, news of disabled elderly people being abused in pension institutions has emerged in an endless stream, adding to the public's distrust of pension institutions. Pension institutions need to break the negative impression of the outside world, a long way to go.

5, the community pension faces a large gap in funds and personnel. Community pension model is a new pension model in recent years, the community pension model can effectively save social resources, reduce the pressure of institutional pension services, and less investment, low cost, less charges, wide services, good benefits, is a very popular pension model for the elderly. However, due to the large gap of funds and personnel, the return on investment is low, and the subsequent support is difficult; The service audience is wide, so the service quality and personnel requirements are high, service personnel is difficult to meet the requirements; The phenomenon of incomplete function and weak service ability of community pension is also widespread. Therefore, as a community pension with high reputation, it is urgent to transform.

Weiyi Kang Yiling community endowment new model, can effectively solve this problem. Weiyi Kang Yiling community only needs one-time equipment investment, intelligent monitoring platform to comprehensively monitor the health condition of the elderly, cloud platform big data storage, one-click alarm timely assistance and other functions, which can greatly reduce capital and personnel investment.

6. The elderly have high requirements for the quality of life. In the future, people's demand for elderly care services is not only about providing space for the elderly. With the improvement of people's quality, they have higher requirements for living space. They should not only have private space but also live comfortably. This requires pension institutions to pay attention not only to whether the elderly live comfortably but also to whether they live happily.

Weiyi Healthy Age community planning for the elderly decompression and relaxation room and exercise catharsis fitness room, to help timely relieve and restore the elderly's psychological problems, so as to give effective positive help.

The last

The middle-aged and elderly health market used to be occupied by health care and health maintenance for a long time. Until now, the rise of physical examination institutions has failed to change the current situation of high incidence of chronic diseases in China. The reason is that people's misunderstanding of the realization of health. The old health behavior of physical examination, health care, treatment and re-physical examination has been unable to satisfy people's demand for health effects, and chronic diseases have finally won and become the main persistent diseases that harm modern people. Many experts point out that today, China's health industry is at a critical juncture. After experiencing the primitive era of disordered fault development, it has stepped into the watershed of intelligent rehabilitation. In the context of the general construction of community health sports and exercise venues, the innovation of intelligent health community is a focus of industrial upgrading. In the next few years, some products and services that not only meet the needs of scientific health training, but also meet the needs of overall physical and mental health and intelligent programs will become one of the mainstream market. Because of this, the leaders in the service industry have sought to get closer to the health service, constantly optimize their own industrial resources, launch a variety of necessary and advanced new health services, and strive to win a place in the industry reform.

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