With the Rise of the "Silver Economy", the Consumption Rights and Interests of the Elderly are Prominent

Source:China Consumer News
Release Time:2022-10-20

Nowadays, the consumption structure and consumption demand of the elderly have undergone significant changes, with the rise of "silver economy", and the consumption rights and interests of the elderly have become increasingly prominent. In order to guide the elderly to consume scientifically and rationally and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the elderly, the Consumers Association of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, recently issued a consumption reminder to remind elderly consumers to be vigilant in buying health care products, receiving communication services and investing and financing.

Buy health care products as needed

In the Zhenjiang City consumer's association accepted complaints, involving health care products accounted for 60 percent.

Zhenjiang Municipal Consumer Association reminds the elderly consumers, when buying health care products, to rational treatment of business propaganda, do not believe in "free" "experts" "treatment of disease" and other propaganda terms. It is best to buy health care products from regular stores with good reputation, complete licenses and fixed business places. If you feel unwell, you should go to regular medical institutions in time for examination and treatment, and do not use health care products instead of drug treatment. Before purchasing, it is best to consult your family, consider your actual situation and needs comprehensively, and make on-demand purchase and rational consumption.

In addition, when buying health food, we should look for the "little blue hat" logo, check whether there is a health food approval number on the package, whether to indicate the name of the manufacturer, production date, expiration date and production license number.

Communications marketing should be careful

Telemarketing is one of the hot issues criticized by consumers in communication service. Individual enterprise business management process is not standardized, the business telemarketing publicity, the tariff publicity is not comprehensive enough, misleading and even inducing elderly users, or without consumer consent to change the tariff package, resulting in some elderly consumers are more deduct fees.

Zhenjiang City consumer Association reminds the elderly consumers, as far as possible in the communication operator's business hall for communication services. When handling business, to carefully understand the contract or service agreement, clearly their rights and obligations; In the acceptance of telemarketing, to ask to provide business subject, business content, tariff standards or charging methods, the free trial of the business should be carefully opened, to clear the start time of the business and the way to continue the service.

It is necessary to form the habit of checking charge information such as communication service bill and detail list regularly, find abnormal charge or charge error, and timely complain and safeguard rights.

Be careful with your investments

The elderly are becoming a key target for wealth management companies. Elderly consumers should establish a rational concept of investment and financial management, do not believe the so-called "steady profit but no loss", "no risk, high return" propaganda, do not invest in unclear business, unclear risk projects.

The Zhenjiang Consumer Association suggested that elderly consumers should choose regular institutions and channels to buy financial products. Before purchasing, consult professional staff of formal financial institutions and discuss with family members to make necessary judgment and understanding of the legitimacy of investment activities, and be wary of the crazy marketing behaviors of informal institutions.

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